Fabric Design

for Spoonflower 

Into a Golden Basket

Burst of Daisy

Glass Web

Mandala of Mini Suns

Digital image of a golden mandala, digital image resembling a basket, digital art by Jodi DiLiberto
Digital image of a daisy on an abstract background of purple twigs, digital art by Jodi DiLiberto
Digital image of green mandala, digital art with green mandala, image of abstract glassy web, abstract digital image of glassy web, circular image, digital art by Jodi DiLiberto
image of a purple mandala made of mini suns in orange arranged in concentric circles. Image by Jodi DiLiberto
digital art in mosaic pattern, mosaic image in pink purple yellow orange and black, abstract image, abstract digital art, digital art by Jodi DiLiberto

Subway Dream

Image of a mandala with pansies, digital art with pansies, purple yellow and orange image, purple yellow and orange digital art, digital art by Jodi DiLiberto

Garden Salad

digital art in blue and green, blue and green image, digital blue and green mandala,circular pattern image, abstract digital image of ships, digital art by Jodi DiLiberto

Sailing the Vortex

digital image of a geometric pattern of red chains with spiky thorns, digital image by Jodi DiLiberto

Thorny Red Chains

Digital image of an abstract water lily in brilliant blue and green. Digital image by Jodi DiLiberto

Water Lily Mandala

I'm very proud to be included in the following registries:

Monmouth Arts

Jersey Artist Registry

Roots Artist Registry

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